A Precious Gift

Our frail elderly are a precious gift, as defined by each one their present should be enjoyed they should have the best quality of life possible.

Florence Treakle

Your Nursing Advocate, LLC

RN-BC, LHCRM  Director Risk Management & Quality Assurance

With people living longer lives and elderly populations growing rapidly, health care for seniors is of growing importance in the United States where more than 40 percent of health care spending goes toward individuals 65 or older.

Seniors often have numerous medical conditions and are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of inadequate quality of health care.

Many older patients suffer from diseases, syndromes, and physiological impairments. This variety can make measuring quality of care for older patients a very complex undertaking.


My name is Florence Treakle and I am a Long Term Care / Skilled Nursing Facility Risk Management and Quality of Care Consultant.

I have spent my entire career working to champion the cause of elderly care; making sure that the elderly in Florida receive the quality of care they deserve in facilities that are equipped to meet their needs.  With over thirty (30+) years experience in gerontological nursing  and quality assurance experience, that includes fifteen (15) years of employment with the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration -  Division Health Quality Assurance inspecting nursing homes, I am well qualified to make determinations regarding quality of care.


We want to ensure your loved one receives (or received) the best quality of care by conducting outcome oriented Quality Assurance Risk Management audits of their care.

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Elaine Cafarelli
Community Liaison


Elaine's primary responsibility as our Community Liaison is to interface with community organizations to educate them regarding the services offered by Your Nursing Advocate, LLC.  Elaine's focus is on developing relationships in the community with individual clients and organizations and providing educational presentations in the community on the many and varied health care topics related to elderly care. 

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