"Old age is ready to undertake tasks that youth shirked
because they would take too long."

W. Somerset Maugham

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Care Outcome Measurement Reviews

Clinical record review to determine if there was appropriate assessment of care needs and risk factors, an individualized care plan and goals to be attained, the care plan was implemented, and that the care outcome was appropriate.

Occurrence Reviews

Review and complete a report on an incident that was not the expected outcome of care, this is usually something serious; a fall with fracture, the development of a pressure sore, dehydration, abuse or neglect.

Root Cause Analysis

An investigation to determine the primary reason for an occurrence; e.g. omission of care, lack of training, failure to follow policy and procedure, failure to implement care plan.

Care Plan Review

Review the care plan to determine it is appropriate the health care needs of the resident and that it reflects resident voice/resident wishes.

Care Plan Attendance

This includes a review of the care plan with the resident and or resident representative and attendance at the facility care plan meeting for support and advocacy.


Audit for compliance with specific Federal and State Long Term Care regulatory requirements.

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